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Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Sutures

PGA is an ideal and time tested synthetic absorbable suture, widely used by surgeons all over the world. PGA's superior features over catgut are predictable absorption, outstanding tensile strength, in-viva inertness and excellent handling properties.


  • Surcare PGA retains its original tensile strength until the wound has achieved adequate stability. A comparison of "development of wound strength" vis-a-vis in viva tensile strength of Surcare PGA establishes safety margin available during critical wound healing period.
  • The suture retains approx 96.1 % of the tensile strength after 7 days, 83.3% after 14 days, 53.8% of tensile strength after 21 days & 19.95% after 28 days when implanted in rat and the suture is essentially absorbed within 60 - 90 days.
  • Surcare PGA is coated with non-toxic and bio-compatible material called Polycaprolactone and Calcium-stearate which facilitates smooth passage through tissues.
  • Surcare PGA is absorbed in the body by a simple hydrolytic mechanism which is predictable and reliable.


  • Coated PolyglycolicAcid. Available in U.S. FDA approved Violet colour.

Tissue Reaction

  • Grade-1 Reactivity - Slight


  • General Closure, Ophthalmic, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics / Gynaecology & Gastrointestinal Tract Surgery.

Choices & Sizes

Needled and Pre-cut sterile sutures