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Synthetic Non-Absorbable Surgical Sutures

Polypropylene sutures are blue colored for easy identification during surgery and have excellent tensile strength and are used for orthopaedic, plastic and micro surgeries, general closure and cardiovascular surgeries. Polypropylene sutures are popularly known as Prolene sutures.


  • Polypropylene sutures elicit minimal tissue reaction and do not cause tissue rupture or support infection. Polypropylene sutures are available in blue colour.
  • Monofilament suture with excellent tensile strength and reasonable elasticity. Its pliable smooth surface makes it excellent for easy passage.


  • Synthetic, Polypropylene Suture. Blue coloured for easy identification during surgery

Tissue Reaction

  • Grade-1 Reactivity - Slight


  • General closure, Cardiovascular, Orthopaedic, Plastic and Micro Surgeries.


  • Avoid damage to the surface of suture.

Choices & Sizes

Loop, Needled and pre-cut sterile sutures