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Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Sutures

Polydioxanone suture provides wound support for longer period as compared to other synthetic absorbable sutures. This suture offers far superior tensile strength.


  • Provides wound support for longer periods up to 50 days.
  • Polydioxanone suture offers far superior tensile strength and outstanding pliability. Its monofilament structure provides excellent handling properties and good knot security.
  • The suture retains approximately 78.45% of the initial tensile strength within 14 days of mplant, 69.7% of tensile strength after 28 days, 57.95% after 43 days and 40.55% after 57 days of implantation and the suture is essentially absorbed completely between 180 to 210 days.


  • Polydioxanone suture is made from polymerizing para dioxanone monomer and made available in violet colour for easy identification during surgery.

Tissue Reaction

  • Grade-1 Reactivity - Slight


  • Polydioxanone is an ideal suture for use in general orthopaedic surgery, Gastro intestinal tract, sheath closure, Oncology, Geriatric, sub cuticular and general surgery.

Choices & Sizes

Needled sterile sutures