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Stainless Steel Sutures

Steel Sutures are manufactured from surgical grade 316 LVM grade stainless steel and are normally used as sternum wires for bone-fixing.


  • Steel sutures are soft and are specially annealed to make them ductile to reduce chances of breakage. Surgical grade steel is used so that the suture remains inert and there is no tissue reaction


  • Sutures are made from molybdenum alloyed vacuum re-melted stainless steel ideal for medical implants Further steel sutures are bright, drawn and annealed and has a strength of 700 to 800 Mpa.

Tissue Reaction

  • Grade-1 Reactivity - Slight


  • Sternal Closure, Cardio Thoracic

Choices & Sizes

Available from size 1 to size 7 with a variety of Blunt, Taper Cutting, Reverse Cutting and Conventional Cutting needles.